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Your Battle Against Mesothelioma Begins with This eBook.

Most people upon receiving the news that they have mesothelioma ask these 10 questions. You’re probably asking them yourself.


How long will I live?


What can I do to live longer?


How is my life going to change now?


How will my diagnosis impact my loved ones?


Where do I go for the best care?


I’m willing to consider experimental treatments
—what’s available? 


How much will treatment cost me personally?


Is financial aid for treatment available?


How did I get mesothelioma?


How do I hold those responsible accountable?

Learn the answers-get your free copy of the book

Why You Should Get This Book

You’re entering into the fight of your life-which is also a fight for your life.

You can’t afford to battle against mesothelioma unarmed. Yet that’s exactly what you’ll be doing if you deprive yourself of information about survival rates, the types of treatments available, where to find the best mesothelioma-specific medical care, and how to avoid financial ruin in the course of beating back the disease. All this information and more is contained within the pages of this book.

The information is
easy to access.

You shouldn’t have to waste time (or experience frustration) fumbling around for the facts and figures that can shed light on your situation. So, we’ve organized the book to help you quickly find the insights you’re looking for.

The information is trustworthy.

It comes from esteemed, highly reputable medical, financial, and legal sources. Why not just medical sources alone? Because mesothelioma is a disease that touches upon money matters and the civil justice system. The financial aspects of mesothelioma are of concern because the costs of battling this cancer are potentially enormous. You need to know about those costs in order to determine how adversely they will affect your income and savings. Meanwhile, the legal aspects of mesothelioma are of concern because it is through the courts and related avenues that you may be entitled to receive compensation sufficient to pay for all of your costs of mesothelioma treatment, protect your nest egg, and restore your loved ones’ financial security.

The information will encourage you.

Right now what you need most is confidence in the future. This book contains the truth about mesothelioma and how it will likely impact you and those around you, but it also offers reasons to have a positive outlook. It explains how it is possible to enjoy a good quality of life along with peace of mind despite the presence of cancer. 

The book
is free. 

There is no charge to obtain your copy of I Just Learned I Have Mesothelioma: What Now? Simply complete the form atop this page and hit the “send” button. You’ll then receive a link in your email’s inbox. Click the link and the book will automatically begin downloading to your computer or mobile device.

Meet the Author: An Attorney with Extensive Experience Fighting for the Rights of Mesothelioma Patients and Their Loved Ones.

A longtime private-practice lawyer who litigates asbestos and personal-injury cases, author Beth Gori once worked as an Illinois assistant state's attorney. She is licensed to practice in Illinois and Missouri, and to represent clients in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois. She is a member of the American Bar Association, Illinois Bar Association, and the Madison County Bar Association; additionally, she serves on the board of directors of Court Appointed Special Advocates of Southern Illinois. and now is. She is a 1999 graduate of St. Louis University School of Law.

What Is Mesothelioma?

You might not yet have a solid grasp of the facts surrounding mesothelioma because you don’t have this cancer but fear you might someday develop it. Or perhaps it is a loved one, friend, neighbor, or co-worker who has been diagnosed and you would like to educate yourself about mesothelioma in order to be as supportive as possible.

Whatever the case may be, the first thing to know about mesothelioma is that it attacks the tissue layer surrounding the lungs, abdomen, and other organs. This layer is called the mesothelium.

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer. Only about 3,000 new cases are reported each year in the United States, mostly among men around the age of 70 and older.

Mesothelioma begins when normal cells making up the mesothelium mutate, which allows them to grow without restraint and become tumorous.

 Mesothelioma tumors don’t usually mushroom in all directions, as happens with other forms of cancer. Instead, mesothelioma tumors typically grow flat in a sheet-like pattern. As this sheet of cancer cells spreads, it causes the functioning of the mesothelium to decrease and eventually cease functioning.

Long before that, though, many mesothelioma cells break away from the mesothelium and travel throughout the body. They are carried along by the bloodstream or via the lymph system. Wherever the mesothelioma cells land, they begin growing and spreading there too.

It is difficult to treat, but researchers are making encouraging progress in developing innovative therapeutics and care strategies—some of which you’ll read about when you obtain the free book, I Just Learned I Have Mesothelioma: What Now?

I Just Learned I Have Mesothelioma: What Now? is the Book You Must Read If You or Someone You Love
has Mesothelioma.

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